Please feel free to add your own recommendations! This will grow as I pull my references from their many sources and add them here. If we get enough, we’ll add categories.

Documentary List of World War II documentary films

  • The World at War (DVD) Vol 1-5
  • World War II w/ Walter Cronkite (VHS) Vol 1-8
  • Forgiving Dr Mengele
  • Into the Arms of Strangers
  • Operation Valkyrie: Plot to Kill Hitler
  • Nietzsche and the Nazis
  • Bonhoeffer
  • The Nazis: A Warning from History
  • History of the Third Reich
  • Nanking
  • The Nazi Officer’s Wife
  • Television Under the Swastika
  • Hitler’s Lost Plan
  • Hunting Hitler
  • How Hitler Lost the War
  • Occult History of the 3rd Reich
  • Double Headed Eagle: Hitler
  • Visions of War
  • WWII: The Lost Color Archives
  • Triumph of the Will
  • Olympia
  • Nazi Medicine / The Cross and the Star
  • The Architecture of Doom

Fiction List of World War II films

Shorts List of World War II short films

BTW, I have NOT seen all of these. Many are in my current NetFlix queues.


Immortal Reich Ikoma Ikoma