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This page is to discuss a potential plans to get everyone involved and bought into working as a team.

Jayce’s Idea

To anyone familar with the US during this time frame it is apparent that Charlie is a gangster and based on his dealing with the dead Nazis, a really good one. Jo could do some checking in the US and Europe and probably figure out who he is and what trouble he has gotten himself into.

It may be possible to swing a deal with the US government to drop all charges against Charlie and perhaps make him “disappear” via a fake death. The deal would be that Charlie worked for the US government in Europe.

Jo has talked with Eta and realized that she is working as a spy for the US government, but the communications are messy and senstive data is taking too long to be processed and funneled to the right organization. In short things are disorganized. Jo could propose to the Brigader General and US ambassador that a small covert spy team be created in Europe to handle sensitive opertational matters in an efficient and professional manner.

The players characters would be the members of this team. I envision something like A Team. Everyone has different skills and each would be needed to make missions run smoothly. Jo especially loves the idea that most of the heavy muscle will come from dainty, barely adult girls. Their enemies will never see if coming.

Jo’s business could front the spy organization and provide them reason to move about Europe. Each of the team members would become “employees” of Jo’s export company and travel through Europe looking for “goods”. The government would provide the cases and the team would travel investigate and resolve. The government would provide the major capital pieces such as planes, boats, weapons, etc, while Jo would provide housing, food, and simple tranportation. This company is what Charlie would join to work his deal with the government.

Let me know what you think and add to this if the idea is interesting.

Ivy’s Comments to Mr. Jayce’s idea.

I think this sounds like a good enough plan. I like the idea that they’ll have an cover as antique dealers. Who would suspect a girl trying to sell chipped tea cups? I say it is a go. As for Analiese, all she needs to hear is “Kill” and “Nazis” in the same sentence and she is ready to set off into the wild unknown.

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