Myrtle Henrietta


Myrtle Henrietta Hoffman is half Polish, half German and all American. She was raised on a farm in Washington by a mother that seemed to think they belonged tucked away in a castle somewhere. Yes, Etta and Lidia clashed quite a bit.

Etta loved no one more than she loved her darling Daddy. Gunter Hoffman was a WWI flying ace that sensed the danger brewing in Europe and got his budding family out as fast as possible. Still attached to flying, he quickly purchased a crop duster for his rather large farm. It is from him that Etta got her flying skills. It is also from him that she gained her affinity for blowing up things. Pesky pot guts never troubled their farm.

Although her mother’s attempts to make her a cultured young woman failed, it soon became clear that Etta was meant to be educated. By 10 years of age, Etta hated her name and spoke and wrote 3 languages. By 15, she chewed with her mouth open on purpose and had read every book the library owned and added Italian to her vocabulary. At 18 the military took notice of her and recruited her, promising to pay for any college she wanted in exchange for her service. Etta eagerly took the deal. She was bored with her life, and even her fairly prosperous family would never be able to afford a high quality college. She left home with her father’s blessing, but her mother spluttering in rage.

After a year of flying planes and blowing up things, Etta attended Harvard University, quickly gaining a bachelors degree in Psychology, and then flying through the qualifications for a master’s degree. After that, her mother threw a humongous fit and her father called her home. There she stayed, driving everyone in the town crazy by constantly psychoanalyzing them and using her new military knowledge to spy on everyone without them knowing. It seemed like she suddenly knew everything!

It seemed that the military had forgotten her. While her mother and father were relieved, Etta couldn’t help but feel disappointed. While she loved the farm, she had never dreamed that she would be stuck there for so long!

Then suddenly, whispers of a war in Europe started to reach the USA. Higher ups began to scour the ranks for 2nd generation Germans without any ties to Germany. Suddenly, Etta’s name was brought to the forefront. She was perfect. They made the call.

Within days, Etta was packing her bags for Oxford. Her father knew the truth, but a lie about scholarships and such was told to the mother. So this time as Etta left, both parents smiled as they waved after the car.

Etta is now trying to blend in at Oxford. The combination of her decidedly non-British accent and the fact that she is better at her subjects than half her teachers is making this rather hard. She is rather exited for a break at her first assignment. A trip to the Olympics on the USA’S dime. Should be awesome!

Myrtle Henrietta

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