Johannes "Jo" Vanderbilt

Rich, American playboy making money and spending it in Europe, becasue the art and culture is better there.


Yes, Johannes comes from those"Vanderbilts"; the ones the Commadore raised up. He is accustomed to the good life that comes from family connections and deep pockets. Tiring of the mudane and culturally bland American life Jo dedcided to travel Europe to try his hand at business and revel in the art and culture of the Old World. Much to the surprise of everyone but himself Jo’s antiques export business is an unmitigated success. With all the “new riches” flowing in the USA Jo has no problem placing exotic and uniue European artifacts into discriminating homes with cash to burn. Secretly he is hoping to raise the US cultural standards.

Most antiques and works of art are fairly aqquired and exported; for the rarer and problemtic items that may not be the case. Through his extensive travels of looking for that “perfect” piece Jo has learned several languages and built a large network of contacts; some he could show to Mother and others that shouldn’t go anywhere near Mother or anything of value.

Jo is easy on the eyes and everyone really seems to like him. He has an impeccable wardrobe and is a fashionista in the truest sense of the word. He loves the culture and nightlife of Europe. Be it London, Berlin, Moscow, or Paris Jo is truly in his element in the big city. He also loves the small villages and hamlets where he finds many of this greatest treasures. Europe speaks to his soul.

As Jo watched the Nazi movement his feelings have changed from disinterest, to concern and finally to disgust. They are ruining Europe and along with it much of their culture and art. It is becoming extremely difficult to move around the continent and people are much harder to engage in conversation. Even worse, art and antiques are disappearing. Someone or some organization is systematically emptying the small villages and towns of their art. Museums are closing and artists are going into hiding. Something has to change or Europe will become as boring as the USA. Jo isn’t going to let that happen.

Johannes "Jo" Vanderbilt

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