Analiese Rast


Jakobina “Analiese” Rast

Four-foot eleven isn’t something to look down on. Especially when considering the consequences of doing so. Having five older brothers may have had something to do with it. No, they probably had everything to do with it.

Analiese was born 18 years ago into a family whose heavily funded private agenda was hidden in their fortune amassed by owning the largest chocolate factory in Switzerland. Their estate was fenced in and Analiese wasn’t allowed out. Her five older brothers—Jagli, Johan, Enz, Joseph and Yosephf—were trained to take over their parents’ factory and to carry on the resistance movement that their family was so entrenched in; Analiese lived a sweet existence filled with chocolate and the doting mother who treasured her little girl.

Or so most people would think. Analiese wasn’t quite the girly-girl everyone expected her to be. The only way to escape from five brothers is to climb a tree. The only way to get down from the tree is to jump. And what results from jumping out of a tree but scraped knees and a pair of hands to go with it? With teasing siblings, she learned to fix such scrapes on the go. Life was good for little Analiese, except for when Jagli called her Jakobina, or when people teased her for her height, or when she got stuck sitting next to Tobies Rausis at school (which was probably where she got her quick reflexes, dodging spitballs.) Yes, life was good for little Ms. Rast.

Until her last year training as a nurse. She was called out of her last class and told that her mother and father had been assassinated by a group of people called Nazis, for their outspoken acts against the Nazis up-and-coming regime. Her sadness was quickly overtaken by a concerning quantity of rage. Before she knew it, her soft hand was buried up to the wrist in the hospital door. Her ring had left a nice impression in the soft wood, and she decided that every Nazi would look good with that impression too. And with that she stalked out of the hospital, and snuck into her old house through the dog door. From there she gathered her Vizsla, named Dollie, pulled on her favorite dress, her brother’s combat boots, kicked down her father’s study door and figured out that her family had indeed been working against the Nazis. She left her house from the front door, much to the amazement of the police officers who had been stationed around her house when she had snuck in through the dog door. But something in the maniac look in her doe eyes and the large assortment of rings on her tiny fingers told them not to halt her.
And so, a girl from an ideal family became an idealist, chasing after smoke until she landed a lead that told her Hitler, the leader of the so called Nazi’s, whoever they were, would be at the Olympics. Hitler was the leader of these Nazis. And he didn’t do things the way they were done in Switzerland…

Analiese Rast

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