Welcome to Immortal Reich!

A note on the campaign and it’s themes. This campaign is based (to a greater or lessor degree) on real world events. Events of a magnitude hard to grasp and understand. The holocaust happened and it’s hard to get your mind around that kind of event. This game is not meant to make light of that evil. Nor is it an attempt to downplay the very real evil ideology of the Nazis. No disrespect to the many victims of the holocaust and the war. War is a horrible thing even when it’s necessary. This is a game.

Another note on NPCs. Many of the NPCs, both good and bad guys, are based on actual historical figures. But I am no expert and this is a game. I am taking names, a few physical/mental characteristics, & job descriptions and creating a fictional construct for use in this game. This campaign is a alternative history. Even in the very first adventure, I’m changing history. The changes get more severe as the campaign progresses. That means that these are alternative versions of people that did actually exist. No attempt to accurately describe the historically accurate individuals is made.

Here are some Reference links.

Russ asked me to list some potential Character Ideas. These are just generic concepts to help get you thinking. This is NOT a multiple choice list.